Since 1995, Kim has been helping business owners transverse the digital landscape as a social media strategist, online advertising expert, trend spotter and sought out guest speaker for everything online.

An early adapter to Internet commerce, Kim built and ran The Outdoor Warehouse selling survivalist equipment and accessories online. Her instincts paid off and so she created her own agency to help other businesses grow and successfully navigate online clutter. Her guidance ensured cost effective strategies and helped clients achieve maximum visibility and profitability.

Another specialty of Kim’s is using social media to drive targeted audiences to events and conferences often tripling the amount of foot traffic.

Kim developed a passion for promoting movies in the online space. A huge fan of the Left Behind book series, she volunteered her services to Paul Lalonde and his company  who were producing a 2014 rebooted version of Left Behind starring Oscar winning actor Nicolas Cage. Together they grew the Left Behind Facebook page from 2,000 to 1.4 million fans. She has performed similar feats with the films Christian Mingle and America: Imagine the World Without Her.

Her love of technology has led Kim to become an AR and VR enthusiast–impatiently awaiting the day when she can apply her skill-set in the metaverse.


  • Kim is a pleasure to work with and truly one of the leading experts in social media.

    Paul Lalonde
    Paul Lalonde Founder and CEO, Cloud Ten Pictures
  • Oceanside, CA
  • (760) 840-9900


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